Dessert Menu

Please note: the menu is subject to change without notice, please enquire beforehand.

Pecan Pie

Salted caramel ice cream, rum sauce, pecan snow


White Chocolate Cheesecake

Cookie base, strawberry ice cream, almond brittle


Pimms Jelly

Lemon shortbread, compressed fruits, cucumber sorbet


Raspberry & Vanilla Semifreddo

Pistachio crumb, raspberry stuffed doughnuts


Three Scoops of Homemade Ice Cream or Sorbet:

please ask for daily flavours


Selction Of Artisan Cheese

Served with fruit chutney, homemade fruit bread & biscuits

Two Cheeses - 6.95
Four Cheeses - 8.95

Six Cheeses - 10.95

Spenwood Ewe's Cheese

Spenwood is a hard-pressed cheese made from unpasteurised ewe's milk, and is fully matured for six month with a natural rind. It has a well-developed nutty & milky flavour that can be slightly sweet.

La Maruex Brie

Brie is produced from whole or semi-skimmed cow's milk. Rennet is added in to raw milk and heated to a temperature of 37ºCto obtain the curd. The cheese is then cast into moulds; several layers of cheese are filled into moulds and then kept for around 18 hours. After this, the cheese is salted and aged for a minimum of four weeks.

Tuxford & Tebbutt Blue Stilton

The cheese is matured individually & graded by hand. The result? A classic stilton with rich, complex flavours & a piquant finish.

Stinking Bishop

Full fat pasteurised cow's milk soft cheese made with vegetarian rennet. The rind is washed in perry which gives it its characteristic flavour, brown/pink rind and pungent smell. The cheese is supported with a beechwood lath and is wraped in waxed paper.


Gouda is typically made from pasteurised cow's milk, although some artisan varieties use sheep or goat's milk to produce cheeses that are going to be aged for a long time.

Hereford Hop

Hereford Hop is a British cheese handmade by the maker Charles martell. The hard cheese is made using natural rennet and full fat pasteurised cow's milk.

Dessert Wine

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise Cuvee

4.50 / 100ml

Quady, Elysium Black Muscat

4.50 / 100ml

We make everything at The Hadleigh Ram; from stocks and sauces to bread and pasta, even our own ice cream!

We hope you enjoy your experience and share our passion for food & everything we do.

Food Allergies & Intolerances - Before ordering please speak to our staff about your requirements.

Please note: the menu is subject to change without notice, please enquire beforehand.